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Materials and Finishes


We print our objects using filament machines with additive technology: layers measuring a fraction of a millimeter are progressively poured one over the other for several hours until they form the finished object. These layers, visible only upon close examination, can be considered the textile weave, the grain of the material. PLA, a crystalline polymer, is a biodegradable and ecological material obtained from vegetables, mainly corn.

Despite these peculiar characteristics, once printed, the objects appear homogenous and dull in color. To obtain a more interesting finish, we refine the material with various progressive surface treatments such as sanding, brushing, and polishing, instead of a varnish that would cover the layers.

Thanks to these manual operations, we can achieve a “natural” material that features variable, nuanced, and deep colors where light exalts the form.


To protect the surface, we use olive oil or beeswax for the final polishing. In this way, not only do we improve the visual aspect, but our objects are pleasant to the touch and familiar on the skin.


Our production process places high regard for the environment. The production chain is extremely controlled: not only are the products made of biodegradable materials, but the packaging is also plastic free. We use cardboard, paper and recycled fabric, and there is no waste because we produce only to order.