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Product Care

When necessary, as you would for wood or leather, you can protect the black objects by treating them with olive oil and treat the colored objects with beeswax, gently polishing with a clean, soft and white cloth, until the product is dry. The white objects do not require any treatment other than cleaning with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

The objects are light and resistant, but with slight elasticity, except for the objects made with TPU, an elastic material used as matrix in some collections. It is not necessary to twist or pull them, simply open them just enough to put them on.

Do not expose the objects to long periods of time in the sun, as the heat could cause deformations to the objects.

You must not modify or tamper with the products, as this could change their original state and pose safety issues.

FLUXIS declines any responsibilities for tampered products.


The technology used in making the objects is prone to unpredictable variations in the operating parameters. This could result in some products lacking the desired mechanical features.

For this reason, the producer does validation tests on sample products. Nevertheless, not all the layouts can be rigorously tested: should the customer discover any defects in the product, the producer could replace the product with a similar one, after technical checks are completed by viewing photographs of the object in question or by direct examination of the defective product.